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2019⵵ ѱݼȸ мȸ(4 24 ~ 4 26â Ǽлιǥ ڸ մϴлιǥ ڲ Բ 10 Ǹںв ȸ 繫 帱 Դϴ ϵ帳ϴ.


2019⵵ мȸ лιǥ

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2019  4  24



Visualizing and Characterizing the Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Hydrgen Generation by an Atomically Thin Heterojunction Catalyst via Reducing Overpotential

1 2̵1ּ2131DZâ2ּȣ43ѽ¿2ȣ2öȣ1

1б  KU-KIST  մп 2б а 3б а 4б а .


[ 1-2]

Phase-Field   ̿  TSV   ùķ̼


1δб .


[ 1-5]

Comparison of the Thermoelastic Micromechanical Response of Polycrystalline Microstructures from the Finite Element and Fast Fourier Transforms Method


1б .


[ 2-4]

First-Principle   Ȱ  SiVCrMn0.3Fe0.5CoNi 7 µ  Intrinsic Stacking Fault Energy Map    Transformation Induced Plasticity  


1װб żа .


[ 3-3]

Investigation on Mechanical Response of NiTi-Based Shape Memory Nanoparticles


1б к ż 2Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Materials Science and Engineering. 3б ÷ܼк .


[ 2-3]

Cu/Al Clad   ó µ շ ̼


1泲б żа .


[ 1-3]

ں  Inconel 718  ձ (Dependence of Build Direction in Electron-Beam Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 Superalloys)


1ѱ ׷ 2ִб żа .


[ 3-3]

Machine Learning   ̿ Ǯ  (Melt-Pool) 


1λб к 2Ῥ ŸŸ 3Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


[ 4-6]

й Ұڼ Ҽɿ ġ ձݿ


1ѱ ѱұݼӻ 2Ѿб ȭаа .


[ 3-7]

BCC 2 ձ Ʈ ձ


1б к .


[ 4-5]

 AlCoCrFeNi  Ʈ ձ ̼ ŵ м


1δб 2ѱб .


[ü 1-2]

Development of a Single Process for Apatite Coating of Titanium Surface Using Nanosecond Laser

Seung-Hoon Um1, Yong-Woo Chung1, Youngmin Seo1, Hojeong Jeon1

1Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).


[ö 3-3]

MgO Single Crystal  CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 Slag ŵ


1ѱб żа 2б żа .


[ö 3-4]

Heat Transfer Control Through Dispersed Metallic Particles in Glassy Mold Flux Film with Continuous Steel Casting


1װ öп .

   2019  4  25


[ö 4-3]

FeMnAlC 淮ö  Ni  ÷  -Carbide   ŵ ŵ ڴ

ġ1, Mathieu Terner11ؿ22ڼ2̺ȣ3ȫ*1

1âб żк 2Ῥ öῬ 3뱸ϰб .


[ö 4-5]

Zn-Mg/Zn   ڸ  Zn Interlayer  ̼  ڸ ¿ ġ ⿡


1ѱװб װа .


[ö 5-5]

Thermal Schedule ź Աݰ ¿ ŵ


1װöп 2ƴб .


[ö 1-2]

ü ȭ 극 ̿ εּ ȭ ģȯ ȯ


1泲б żа .


[ö 2-1]

׳׽ ȯ ̿Ͽ  Ti  и Ǵ ռ λ깰 ű


1ѱ 2ϴб 3б .


[ö 3-6]

Influence of Nano-Fiber Precipitates Fraction on Mechanical and Electrical Properties in Cu-Ni-Si Alloy

Jee Hyuk Ahn1,2, Seung Zeon Han2, Eun-Ae Choi2, Hyunjong Lee3, GiNyeong Heo2, Minah Jo2, Kwangho Kim4, Heung Nam Han1

1Seoul National University. 2Korea Institute of Materials Science. 3Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. 4Pusan National University.


[ö 4-1]

ü ϴ ݼӰ ȭչ /  Ȱ  Al- ÷ ձ


1б żк .


[ 1-5]

÷  PZT Ư ȭ Ī


1ѱ 2б żа .


[ȭ 1-1]

Degradation Assessment Technique for High-Temperature Component Materials in Gas Turbines Using Instrumented Indentation Test (IIT)


1б 2ƽ .


[ȭ 3-2]

ݼ- ռ Ŀ


1ѱб żа .


[ŸŸ 1-4]

(3D   )  Ti-6Al-4V  ձ ļ 򰡸 ũ ũ ȭ


1δб żк νĹ׹Ľ .


[ŸŸ 2-4]

Electron Beam Melting    Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb  ݼӰ ȭչ ̼ Ư


1ϴб żа 2.


[ŸŸ 4-3]

TMCP ʹ̼  2 ŸŸ ձ ʱ β


1Ῥ ŸŸ 2Ῥ м򰡽 3λб а .


[ 2-3]

Comparison of Oxidation Behaviors of Si/Al Pack Cementation Coating on Mo-3Si-1B Alloys Through Oxidation Test at 800 C and 1300 C


1ѹб żа 2泲б żа 3п .


[ 1-3]

Grain Boundary Character Distribution (GBCD) of Polycrystalline YIGs Obtained from Sol-Gel Method


1б (UNIST).  


2019  4  26


[ 1-4]

The Effect of Heat Input on the CGHAZ Toughness of a Novel Fire and Seismic Resistant Steel

Dileep Chandran Ramachandran1, Siva Prasad Murugan1, Jun Oh Moon2, Chang Hoon Lee2, Seung Jin Jung3, Sang Hoon Jeong3, Chanyoung Jeong1, Yeong-Do Park*1

1Department of Advanced Materials Engineering, Dong-Eui University. 2Advanced Materials Division, Ferrous Alloy Department, KIMS. 3R&D Division, Chosun Welding Co. Ltd.


[˷̴ 1-3]

Al-Mg-Si  ձݿ  (50 ȿ ð Ŭ ȿȭ ŵ ġ


1ѱ 2б .


[˷̴ 4-3]

ð п  AA1100  ձ ʱ̼ ߴްŵ ġ


1õб 2ִб 3п .


[ 1-2]

й  Cu-BiSbTe   Cu  Է Ư ġ


1ִб żк 2뱸ϰб 3() .


[ 2-4]

Enhancement of Thermoelectric Properties by Lattice Softening and Energy Band Gap Control in Te-Deficient InTe1-

SongYi Back1, Hyunyong Cho1, Jong-Soo Rhyee1

1Kyung Hee University.


[ǥ 2-5]

Mo-Silicide   Ư


1泲б żа 2ѹб żа 3п .




11 , ֿ1

1UNIST  żк .



 Inconel 625  ձ ó Ȱ ׿ Ư ȭ

1,211, Mathieu TENER1, Etienne COPIN2, Philippe LOURS2ȫ*1




The Effect of Mo Addition on Macroscale Mechanical Properties and Small-Scale Intrinsic Mechanical Behavior of Mo-Added Austenitic FeMnAlC Lightweight Steles


1б 2.


[׳׽ 1-3]

Al  ÷  Mg-Sn-Zn  ձ Ҽ 漺


1ϴб 2.


[׳׽ 1-4]

Bio-Degradable Mg-Zn-Ca Alloy with Excellent Corrosion Resistance and Moderate Tensile Strength by Heat Treatment

Nam Ryong Kim1, Sang Kyu Woo1, Chang Dong Yim1, Byeong-Chan Suh2