The 14th International Conference on Beam InjectionAssessment of Microstructures in Semiconductors (BIAMS2018) (6. 18-21, 2018 * Koreana Hotel, Seoul, Korea)

* Website: BIAMS2018


The 14th International Conference on Beam Injection Assessment of Microstructures in Semiconductors will be held at Koreana Hotel, Seoul, Korea, during June 18-21, 2018. The BIAMS is a series of biennially held conferences that started in Meudon, France in 1988. The main goal of the BIAMS conference is to provide a well-organized international forum to discuss advances in the field of the physical characterization of semiconductors by means of beam injection and related methods. The BIAMS 2018 will cover broad fields of application such as micro- and nano- electronics, photovoltaic, device degradation, semiconductor defects, nanophotonics, and etc.

Seoul is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea where the old and the new coexist - you will find many historic sites as well as modern touristic attractions. Koreana Hotel is in the heart of Seoul with easy access to many touristic sites.

We very much hope that you will attend the BIAMS 2018. We look forward to meeting you in Seoul, Korea.