2019 TMS Control of Potline Scrubbers & Fugitive Emissions for Aluminum Smelters Course (PSFE 19) (6. 17-20, 2019 *Hamburg, Germany)

*Website: PSFE2019

The 2019 TMS Control of Potline Scrubber &Fugitive Emissions for Aluminum Smelters Course (PSFE 2019) is solely focused on providing a complete, intensive overview of the latest techniques for controlling and reducing emissions from the aluminum smelting process. In addition to new techniques, the course will also cover the fundamental knowledge necessary for effectively managing and reducing emissions in aluminum smelting. This four-day course will feature in-depth presentations from highly experienced, world recognized instructors. The curriculum will encompass the broadest possible scope of knowledge and ideas that can be leveraged in a variety of situations. Returning after a successful 2018 iteration, this course is part of the highly impactful TMS series of courses developed expressly for the aluminum industry. This series has developed into maturity since its inception in 2016 and has received sponsorship from the TMS Light Metals Division and Aluminum Committee. Learn more about TMS’s suite of aluminum courses here.

What You Will Learn

This immersive four-day course is focused exclusively on the control of potline emissions from primary aluminum smelters. PSFE 2019 is interactive in nature and will feature open group discussions, supplier participation, and a smelter visit at the Hamburg TRIMET Aluminium plant. Specific technical topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Emission fundamentals - fluoride, sulfur dioxide (SO2), particulates
  • Pot ventilation and scrubber technologies
  • Dry scrubber design and operation
  • SO2 wet scrubber operation and control
  • Practical tips to evaluate scrubber technology bidding stage
  • Advancements and developments in potline scrubbing, including gas cooling options
  • Management of potroom fugitive emissions
  • Tour of the TRIMET Aluminium plant in Hamburg, Germany

For a more detailed topic list, visit the Course Curriculum (hyperlink to page) page.

Who Will Benefit

  • Plant and training managers, process engineers, and other technical personnel at aluminum smelters who are interested in managing environmental emissions
  • Suppliers of environmental control equipment
  • Young professionals looking to develop their career in the aluminum industry
  • Those aspiring to leadership in environmental management within their company and the aluminum industry

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