ICOMAT 2021_The 16th International Conference on Martensitic Transformation (2021.7.11-16)

*Website: http://www.icomat2020.org/

Welcome Message

Welcome to the ICOMAT 2021 in Jeju, Korea

Dear Colleagues,

It’s with much pride that we invite all martensitic transformation experts from all over the world to the 16th International Conference on Martensitic Transformation (ICOMAT) in Jeju, Korea on July 11-16, 2021. The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials will have the privilege of hosting this meaningful conference.

The conference will provide a variety of programs including distinguished presentations, exhibition, networking events, and cultural tours to benefit from many fruitful and enriching discussions as well as to initiate collaborations within and across disciplines for the advancement of your research. Your active participation will be essential for the great success of the conference.

A range of technical and social activities do not only promise to be an outstanding experience, but you will also enjoy the beautiful coast of Jeju island in the days before or after the conference. There you can ride the winds on the island of breeze over the beaches, mountains, and smart energy. From Industry and academia, big institutions to small companies, from far and near, nobody will be an alien in ICOMAT 2021.

The Organizing Committee will do its best to make your attendance of the ICOMAT 2021 enjoyable and memorable as well as scientifically fruitful.

Conference Topics