TOFA 2018_16th Discussion Meeting on Thermodynamics of Alloys (2018.10.1.-5)


Welcome Message

The 16th Discussion Meeting on Thermodynamics of Alloys (TOFA) will be held in Seoul, Korea from October 1 to October 5, 2018. Seoul was founded in 18 BC in the era of Three Kingdoms of Korea, and has been designated the capital from Joseon Dynasty. Thanks to rapid growth in IT technology, the city is now recognized as a smart historical city in the world. The conference venue is Korea University in the City Seoul.

“History is an unending dialogue between the present and the past” - English historian E.H. Carr

TOFA 2018 in Seoul will be a dialogue between the present and the past generations about “Past, Present and Future of Thermodynamics”. Researcher, scientists and students working with thermodynamics of alloys are welcome to join this international conference.

Chair of TOFA 2018
Joonho LEE
Professor, Korea University


TOFA is an international conference, providing opportunities for the worldwide thermodynamics community to meet, present and discuss their works. The aim of TOFA is to promote fundamental and practical aspects of the thermodynamics of alloys. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Review of Experimental Techniques: Past, Present and Future
  • Experimental and Theoretical Thermodynamics
  • Phase Diagrams
  • Computational Thermodynamics
  • Thermodynamic Properties derived from Ab Initio Calculations
  • Thermodynamics of Low-dimensional Systems (Surfaces and Interfaces, Nanomaterials)
  • Process Simulation using Thermodynamics
  • Industrial Applications of Thermodynamics
  • Future Creation based on Thermodynamic Studies (3D printing, Catalyst, ICME, etc.)

According to tradition, there will be no parallel sessions, and the conference will include both oral and poster sessions.

History of TOFA
  • 1st Meeting, Vienna, Austria, 1988
  • 2nd Meeting, Sant Feliu de Guixols – Barcelona, Spain, 1990
  • 3rd Meeting, Nancy, France, 1992
  • 4th Meeting, S.Margherita Ligure – Genova, Italy, 1994
  • 5th Meeting, Marseille, France, 1996
  • 6th Meeting, Kiel, Germany, 1998
  • 7th Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, 2000
  • 8th Meeting, Roma, Italy, 2002
  • 9th Meeting, Vienna, Austria, 2004
  • 10th Meeting, Beijing, China, 2006
  • 11th Meeting, Krakow, Poland, 2008
  • 12th Meeting, Porto, Portugal, 2010
  • 13th Meeting, Pula, Croatia, 2012
  • 14th Meeting, Brno, Czech, 2014
  • 15th Meeting, Santos, Brazil, 2016
  • 16th Meeting, Seoul, Korea, 2018
  • Closing of abstract submission May 8, 2018
  • Closing of early registration June 8, 2018
  • Abstract acceptance notification June 28 2018
  • Closing registration July 28, 2018